Fantastic News – Early CAREER award!

I’m excited to announce that our group just received a prestigious NSF CAREER award! This $925,000 five-year project will integrate paleo and neoecological inference with isotope geochemistry to study the long-term dynamics of ancient and modern arthropod communities across changes in precipitation, the major driver structuring desert systems. We will be conducting field work in the Atacama Desert (Chile), taking advantage of a unique and underused paleobiological archive, rodent middens.

sDiv Working Group on Ecological Stoichiometry funded!

We have been funded by The German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) for a sDiv working group aimed to exploring biogeographic and macroevolutionary patterns in organismal stoichiometric diversity. Hooray for some really exciting and neat upcoming science! Looking forward to start working with a fantastic group of researchers in Leipzig at the end of this year!

Funded iDiv Working Group on sCaleWebs – Unifying environmental and spatial determinants of food web structure across spatial scales

I will be part of a working group on food web structure across spatial scales led by Gustavo Romero (UNICAMP Brazil) and Diane S. Srivastava (UBC Canada) at iDiv Germany on integrating network, metacommunity and trait-based analyses of food webs to determine: (1) which traits of species are most important in determining trophic interactions, (2) if species traits determine shifts in food web structure over environmental gradients, and (3) how and why does food web structure changes over space. We will address these questions using the aquatic food webs in tank bromeliads across the entire range of this system, from Mexico to Argentina and through the Caribbean. I am so excited to be part of this!

NSF funding!

We have been awarded NSF funding through DEB Ecosystem Science to study “The Effects of N and P deposition on stoichiometry, structure, and function of whole-aquatic ecosystems (Bromeliaceae and Sarraceniaceae)”