Funded iDiv Working Group on sCaleWebs – Unifying environmental and spatial determinants of food web structure across spatial scales

I will be part of a working group on food web structure across spatial scales led by Gustavo Romero (UNICAMP Brazil) and Diane S. Srivastava (UBC Canada) at iDiv Germany on integrating network, metacommunity and trait-based analyses of food webs to determine: (1) which traits of species are most important in determining trophic interactions, (2) if species traits determine shifts in food web structure over environmental gradients, and (3) how and why does food web structure changes over space. We will address these questions using the aquatic food webs in tank bromeliads across the entire range of this system, from Mexico to Argentina and through the Caribbean. I am so excited to be part of this!

Funded SESYNC (Socio-Environmental Systems Modeling) working group!

I will be part of several SESYNC working group meetings focused on synthesizing the relationships among rates of human-driven nutrient enrichment, host-pathogen interactions, ecosystem processes, and their feedbacks to human well-being. These workshops will be led by Elizabeth Borer from University of Minnesota! I am so excited to be part of this!

NSF funding!

We have been awarded NSF funding through DEB Ecosystem Science to study “The Effects of N and P deposition on stoichiometry, structure, and function of whole-aquatic ecosystems (Bromeliaceae and Sarraceniaceae)”

Paper accepted in Functional Ecology!

Our paper on “Ecological mechanisms and phylogeny shape invertebrate stoichiometry: a test using detritus-based communities across Central and South America” has been accepted for publication in Functional Ecology

Early sabbatical at iDiv!

We are thrilled to be at the iDiv center in Leipzig, Germany collaborating with Uli Brose, Stan Harpole and Helmut Hillebrand!

Lab news

Congratulations to Tiffany for successfully defending her Master’s thesis!

Lab news

We welcome Mark Nessel, Morgan Kelly, Katrina DeWitt, and Caleb Gilbert to the lab!

Papers out!

Angélica and collaborators have three papers accepted! Two are already out in Environmental Microbiology and in Royal Society Open Science, and the other will be coming out soon in Frontiers Progress in Ecological Stoichiometry!

German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig

Angélica is awarded a sabbatical fellow to spend time at iDiv in 2018!

Gordon Research Conference: Unifying Ecology Across Scales

Angélica is elected Vice Chair of the 2018 and Chair of the 2020 GRC! Will be working shoulder to shoulder with Mary O’Connor (UBC) in the program for the next Gordon.