Month: September 2015

The Bromeliad Working Group

This week, about 40 researchers from several places of the world met in Paraty, Brazil to discuss the ecology of bromeliad ecosystems. We had intense and productive days of talks and discussions about topics that range from the critical maximum temperatures

Fossil rodent middens in the Atacama desert, Chile.

I just came back from an exciting trip to the Atacama desert where I worked with a group of paleoecologists led by Dr. Claudio Latorre to collecting fossil rodent middens. Dr. Latorre and I are starting to investigate changes in the soil

The bromeliad working group workshop at Paraty, Brazil

Ready to participate in the second international bromeliad working group workshop to be held in Paraty, Brazil. This 6-day workshop is an exciting opportunity for collaboration among scientist using tank bromeliads to test ecological theory. Looking forward to it!